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Let's get this party started!

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WOW!!! The Florida Corgi Picnic will actually be here in DAYS now! The team at Florida Corgi Picnic continues to work hard behind the scenes to assure that each and EVERY ONE of you and your Corgis and Corgi Mixes have the very best time EVER!!

Wanted to remind you of all of the so very important parts and pieces of the FCP and please SHARE!!

** Please note that these are NOT in order of importance. They are ALL important and some fun stuff that you don’t already know!!

  • The AUCTION. We request that everyone bring a dog or corgi related item to the auction. Let’s make Taylor work and raise HUGE monies for CorgiAid. Taylor is ready, got some AWESOME new Corgi Leggings, and is going to sell, sell, sell ALL of the amazing items!
  • ONLINE AUCTION. Starts Tuesday, November 1st, and will end officially online on Thursday, November 10th and then continue live at the Picnic. THIS year though, we will NOT forget the bidders who are unable to attend and are strictly online. A FCP representative WILL be in touch with all online bidders to get your ‘ultimate’ bid and include you, by Proxy, in the live auction. YES, you know longer have to be in attendance to continue your fun! YAY!!!
  • NEW THIS YEAR…….Florida Corgi Picnic Bake Sale hostessed by Lottie. These are treats for humans and our furfriends!!! I know for a fact that we have fabulous home-made items for BOTH categories all the way from Colorado! Please wrap your items for sale individually or as a whole and price! We appreciate you greatly!
  • Pat’s Grandiose Garage Sale! One dog’s unused is another’s treasures! Please clean out those closets, drawers, toy bins and share the no longer loved or used with us! One dog’s used is another dog’s treasure!! We appreciate you pre-pricing. This was a HUGE success for buyers and CorgiAid last year. Let’s make it ROCK again!
  • RAFFLE! RAFFLE! RAFFLE! Such amazing prices, listed on the website (www.floridacorgipicnic.com), and NOW a 55” smart, LED TELEVISION!!! *faint* buy your tickets now, online, or at the Florida Corgi Picnic. You do NOT have to be present to win, all winners can be shipped your PHENOMAL prizes. Raffle tickets are $1 each at the Picnic; you REALLY get a deal if you purchase them through the website!!!
  • PLEASE NOTE….These are NOT listed in order of importance…..We ALL know Spark Plug wanted to be first….XXOO. But SO did Santa!
  • SANTA!! Bring your own Christmas wear for yourself and your furfriends for a Family photo opportunity or just the best picture EVER of your Corgis with Santa. You can look on the website for previous photos. We DO have the best and most handsome Santa anywhere!!
  • AND you won’t believe it!! This year we have an amazing Photo Booth, thank you to FIRST COAST CORGIS and the CORGIS OF INSTAGRAM!!!! So much fun!! For a mere $5 cash, get ready for an amazing photo opportunity with your Corgis!!! Thank you, Nate!!
  • T-shirts, totes, hats, pins…….we SHIP if you sadly can’t attend. Mallory’s design is phenomenal. So very many of our friends in the design! The hats fit great, the t-shirts are so soft and comfortable. Thank you, Jackie, for rocking the FCP world AGAIN! The deadline for merchandise pre-orders is October 26th. There will be a limited number of items available at the picnic, so be sure to get your pre-order in before the deadline.

Phew, I think I’m done? This is Pat Bivin, by the way.

Soooooo, it is almost time to GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!! November 12th!!! 10:00am….sorry, no early admittance.

Questions? Please ask! I will answer as quickly as possible.

Thank each and every ONE of you, for all that you do, the fun you share, the smiles, photographs, and most of all, the friendship. And a HUGE thank you to the Backbone of the Florida Corgi Picnic, Celeste. Her untiring, year round work on this Picnic is unbelievable. *insert cheers and applause*