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How to Register

How to Register for the Picnic

Click on flashing red “Register Here” button. The button is available from any page at the top of the website. 


The button will take you to the below page. Fill out the form. 


Once the form is filled out, click the Add to Cart button at the bottom of the form. Make sure only 1 quantity is selected, as the registration fee is per group, not per person. 


The below popup will appear. If you wish to purchase additional items such as raffle tickets, lunch, t-shirts, etc. Click on “Continue Shopping”. If you just wish to purchase the $10 entry fee, then click “Proceed to Checkout”. 


If you click “Continue Shopping” the popup will close and you will go back to the original page. 


From here, you can navigate to the other items. You can click on any of the categories at the top of the page. If I wanted to add a t-shirt to my order, I would click on Apparel & Accessories. This will take me to the below page with all the items available for sale. 


If I wanted to order a t-shirt, I would click on the image of the t-shirt. It would take me to the below page where I would fill out my desired t-shirt details. Make sure to select the correct “Attending/Not Attending” option depending on whether or not you are coming to the picnic. If you are coming to the picnic, no items will be shipped. All merchandise will be picked up at the picnic. 


Click “Add to Cart” just like with the entry fee form. 


The popup appears again. This time I will click on “Proceed to Checkout”. 


Fill out the appropriate details depending on whether you have already created an account or not.


I will create a new account as an example, so I click “Continue” under “I’m A New Customer”. It will take me to the below screen. 


Here I fill out all the requested information. Afterwards, I click “Create My Account”.


Once you have created an account, you are signed in. You can confirm that you are signed in because the top of the website will say “Sign Out” next to “My Account”.

To checkout, I am going to visit the shopping cart to review my items. Click on “View Cart” at the very top of the page.


I see I have my two items in my shopping cart, so I will click “Proceed to Checkout”. It will take me to the below screen if I am logged in. If I was not logged in, it will ask me to log in. The address I entered when I created my account will be shown. A billing address is required for credit card purchases, it can be the same or different address listed on your registration form. I will now click “Bill to This Address”. 


Once I click “Bill to This Address”, I come to the following screen. Even if no items are being shipped to you because you are attending the picnic, checkout requires a shipping address. It can be the same as your billing address. If you need to add another address for some reason you can do so by clicking the “Add Address” button on the right side of the screen. Click “Ship to This Address” to continue. 


Click the radio button next to “Free Shipping” (even if no items are being shipped to you). Then click Continue. 


Review your order and then click “Proceed to Payment”.


Enter your credit card information and click “Pay for Order”. 


After you have paid and checked out, you will receive an invoice for your purchase to your email you used when creating an account. You are now registered for the picnic!